Ruth Molly Howe (Wood) worked on this family tree to get us to the point we are at now.  I believe that she had someone helping her. 
This is the cursory research that one of  Robert Butler's friends, from Westpoint, did for him.   The information as to the  birth order,  numbers and sexes of the children born to Harve and Evalyn, are only slightly off .  This is not that usual, for the times,  as official records could get a bit sketchy at times. 

The rest looks pretty spot on  and accurate and was invaluable in finding Jasper and his father and his father!
Family Documents ~ Correspondances  ~ Genealogical Texts
This is written in her hand and is a pretty typical thing for her to do.  To think ahead knowing that this information would come in handy for future generations.  She was soooo right!

The current list of documents available for download are underlined.
I am working on this little by little so bear with me.

Family Tree Documents

Letters and Correspondences
Most of these will also be posted on the pages of the person that wrote them.

Genealogical Papers and Publications
I will post those here but they may also be posted within the Resources page.

I have come across some rather interesting documents and notes, in among my Grandmother's belongings and in my Great Grandmother's  travelling trunk.  Other family members have also sent things my way.  These will be listed under family documents, on this Library page.

I can not tell you how valuable this sort of documentation is, both sentimentally and genealogically speaking.  You can click on the underlined title of any document to be able to both view and/or save a copy to your computer.
This just c ame into my possession and it was  quite the 'fete acomplis' for whoever put it together!  For all of my research on my Tree and its many branches, I was surprised to find that -----

I seriously do not know who most of these folks are!!
Family Tree Diagrams