Following the male blood line is all well and good, but I was more successful in tracking and verifying family information, through the mothers and their children.  The children, in a genealogical sense,  continue to 'define' the mother, even after she leaves her maiden name behind. These children make her both unique and traceable. We have had some remarkable women in both our Butler and Beeson family tree. I hope to be able to represent them well here.

The Butler Tree will start with the children of Harve and Evalyn Butler, (Lenora, Warren, Ruth, Harvey, Bill and Robert). Each tree will be laid out according to generation.  I figure that we all know how we are related to each of these siblings, that, and I do not have complete enough information on some of the younger generations.

The Beeson Line was one amazing discovery after another and I enjoyed researching it thoroughly!  I got back to the 1300s and have yet some strong, but not comfortably solid, leads going back to the year 1150.

This line starts with Myrtle Eva Beeson, mother to Evalyn, Herbert and Ruth Wood, and wife, for a time to Charles Walter Wood (s).

I will post a list of the names that cross the Beeson Line, but beings that I got back many serveral hundred years, I will post it on the Beeson Tree pages instead of here.
Butler Tree
When trying to trace back, the Butler line, I had to stay focused on the men obviously, however let it be said that the women who chose to become a part of our family line and its history may not be Butlers by birth but they are Butlers all the same and have some great histories.  I am stalled at 1777 and James Butler's father.  The list below is from most recent going back.