Welcome to the 'New and, (hopefully) Improved'  Butler Family Website. 

Originally, I built this site to keep my family apprised of my Grandmother Ruth Evelyn (Butler) Kesler's rapidly declining health but she was gone so quickly that it never served its orginal purpose.

I have changed the scope of the site, as well as the name, to reflect my current genealogical research. My main focus is to trace back the Butler family line as far as I can.

It is no secret that I would love to be able to claim one of the many Butler Family Insignia, I've come across.  In order for any of us to be able to display a family crest, we have to be able to show that we descend from a family that has a registered family crest/Insignia/Coat of Arms. I am working on it!

** Should you get 'lost' exploring the website, you have only to find and click on the
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The Butler Tree website has information on the following families as well;

Beeson/Beeston/ de Beeston
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I have a great deal of information to present and am still working on the best and most cohesive way in which to do this.

If you have any information, stories, anecdotes, receipts/recipes, documents, photos or any other information to add, I warmly welcome you share them!!